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Whether you are actually camping or just on a long car trip, it’s always nice to have a set of compact and foldable metal silverware with you when you are on the go because, if you are like me, you have probably found yourself in situations where disposable plastic silverware just doesn’t cut it, both literally and as a figure of speech. To be honest with you, I have never heard of the brand X-Gear and this little piece of gear was a total impulse buy but it did catch my eye for a very good reason. Over the years I have owned all kinds of Swiss Army knives and multi-tools, with many of them having had flip out silverware on them, but they have all suffered from the same fatal flaw: they were all small and made you feel like you were eating with children’s utensils. This X-Gear Camper Tool does not suffer from this problem and if anything the utensils seem a little big. This translates into a set of camp utensils that actually feel usable. The spoon is actually big and deep enough that you can eat soup with it and everything is built sturdy enough that it doesn’t feel like you will break them at any moment.




The tool features a knife, fork, spoon, and bottle opener, all of which are made of stainless steel. It also separates into two pieces allowing you to have a fork in one hand and a knife in the other. Moving the fork up into the usable position unlocks the two halves and allows them to be separated giving you a fork and bottle opener on one side and a knife and spoon on the other. The knife is very sharp but it is also quite slick. The knife lacks any kind of nail groove or grip assist for easy pulling that is usually found on most folding knives which makes it a little hard to get a hold of and for me this is probably this product’s biggest and only downside.




It’s compact and folds down to about 4 inches which makes it incredibly easy to throw in a bag or glove compartment. The quality is good and they are polished like you’d see with decent regular dining utensils and they are thick enough to prevent them from bending during use or storage. All in all, I would recommend one of these, especially since you can pick one up for about 10 bucks.



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